Sunday, July 13, 2008

MAC Attack

I'm trying to decide if I'm being had.

It happens about every three weeks - MAC Cosmetics puts out a new collection.

And I go and buy. Every single time. I grab my co-workers, my friends and I swatch the shadows ("Does this qualify as a necessary new taupe?"), the lip glosses ("Are these pigmented enough?") and lipsticks ("Is this cool or warm? Is this a red I don't have?").

Why do I do this? Half of the items I have swapped away anyway.

Above is my recent attempt to put together some of my favorite eye shadows. Later on I will do a post about depotting so you can learn how to slim down the space your eye shadow collection takes up.

1 comment:

Jaime W(a) said...

I can honestly say that my eye shadow collection is not taking up nearly enough room! Let's work on that. Please take me on a company field trip.