Saturday, July 12, 2008


At the risk of looking like Emily the Strange (15 years past her prime), I ordered these shoes (use JULYSAVE for 15% entire order):

But I have a two part dilemma that I believe only these shoes can solve.

1. My jeans are just a smidge too long. In metric terms, that's 1.5cm. I refuse to get these jeans hemmed over such a negligible bit of fabric. So I should wear heels, you say?

2. I walk everywhere; I need comfortable shoes. What's more, I hate that awkward moment, paused in front of a bar, when I would have to throw dirty flip flops into my purse and teeter from one foot to another just to put on heels.

I realize there is a subset of women who are totally comfortable with the #2 lifestyle I reject. We'll call this subset...New Yorkers. Hey, I didn't name them. They named themselves and wear the title like a badge of honor. Sadly, these New Yorkers are solving their negligible pant fabric problem with a far less attractive solution: ZAKKERZ.

Zakkerz are flexible fabric strips that contain specially designed strong magnets. The quick change from sandal to heel is awkward; the extra effort of demagnetizing is just plain weird.

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