Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

Just when I'm waiting for blog-inspiration to strike, it lands like Dorothy's house on this Wicked Witch! My pointy boots are curling with excitement! Check it:

No, no. I don't think Jessica's new single is the bee's knees BUT I do think that guitarist with wicked country rhythm and skin tight jeans is to die for! Yep, that's my bubba (Kemble to you, Kemble Thel to me, and KT to all our South Texas cousins).

He may not be Jessica's real guitarist but he is genuine in his country fashions. His alligator boots (a hand-me-down from dad) and the custom tooled belt with his name on it (compliments of our grandad) scored him this gig. Apparently the line of potential band members at casting looked more Limp Bizkit than George Straight.

See more Kemble here, here, here, and here.

See me and my grandad (giver of Kemble's cowboy belt and my first pair of boots) below:


williambojangles said...

Funny...Kemble should be thanking me because the part was originally offered to twin #1. I turned it down when I found out that Jessica eats meat.

raina said...

I for one would like to thank the director and/or editor for the fantastic crotch of Kembie.

Jaime W(a) said...

Kembie! hahah

I just found someone's blog (a Nylon Magazine photo assistant, perhaps?) and she has a whole slew of photo outtakes from that shoot.

twistworthy said...

I can't believe he didn't even try to make out with her.
Opportunities like that don't happen every day.

I'm just sayin'.