Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Campers for pennies!

You've read me get giddy about sales at 6pm.com before. But today is special. It's not just the good stuff, it's the BEST stuff!!! All Campers are on sale for $49.95. My Campers boots are my favorite pair of shoes of all time. And I certainly didn't get them for a steal of $49.95.


Tony Balls said...

I bought the shit out of this sale! Thanks!

ita darling. said...

I totally slacked for an hour and i missed out on the shoes i wanted to get B.

I also wussed out of the flying donkey boots.

If they were just high-heeled flying donkey boots then i would have been in tall cotton.

everything else i was jsut too wishy washy on... weird that the website didn't advertise that sale.
it was bitchin.

Janae said...

These boots are rocking..! I too got a pair of beautiful boots from 6PM at very affordable price.