Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh NO, she di-int!

I can appreciate that Katie Holmes is such a tall, slender, statuesque beauty she can pull off more daring or bizarre (or early 90s) fashion statements. See above. Peg-legged boyfriend jeans actually look like effortless cool. But let's be real and imagine the moments just before she walked out the door. Just like I was in 1992, she's doubled over rolling and re-rolling her jeans to make sure they're tight enough to stay put but not quite turning her toes purple.

So I gave Katie the pass on the peg-legging until I discovered this photo. She has made a lethal combination of 3 P's and I'm throwing her in time-out (I've watched a lot of Jon & Kate Plus 8 lately). Peg-legging, Python, and Pantyhose. Like, gag me with a spoon!!!

1 comment:

Jaime W(e) said...

Bitch is back at it.

I think she's depressed.