Monday, August 18, 2008

If you don't know, now you know

As you can see, my darling friend Daniel is absolutely thrilled with his Pantone mug. You would be too if you waited weeks for its arrival and some of the other items in the shipment arrived damaged.

That's how the story goes when you're a picky graphic designer only satisfied with the best UK drinkware.

But I'm not a graphic designer with particular tastes; I'm an internet shopper and bargain hunter extraordinaire! I've found a local supplier ( doesn't require a steep across-the-pond shipping charge.

Before you get too giddy, let me drop this bomb: locally, they only come in sets of 10.


Dear Know-it-alls,
Daniel and I also know it all and, yes, we know that you can get a version of pantone mugs at Fishes Eddy. But we don't like them. Period.

xo Jaime W(a)

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