Monday, August 18, 2008

Canta y No Llores

Is your tummy rumbling, telling you it's time for lunch? Perfect. Then this post will RULE YOU, ese.

Jose Garces (of Amada and Tinto fame) has opened Distrito over here in West Philly and it doesn't disappoint.

(SIDE NOTE: Did you catch him on Iron Chef last night vs. Southwest master Bobby Flay? No spoilers here but, if you didn't already DVR it, be on the lookout for reruns. Great episode. This week, Jose is serving items from his Iron Chef menu at all of his locations so I'll def be hitting up Distrito again soon.)

Back to the topic at hand: Distrito. The food is GREAT. YUMMY. PERFECT. Not too big, not too terribly small. The drinks are a little pricey but they are fantastic (didn't try a bad one and we tried them alllll).

It's in my hood and I plan to go back weekly, at least. But don't keep reading because you think you're going to get a play by play of my meal. This is the Chinese fast food of posts: check the picture on the wall and decide from there if it could tickle your taste buds.

Delicious food & drink photos after the jump.

Frozen Strawberry Margarita, $9

Hemingway (Chile infused hornitos tequila, maraschino, grapefruit), $10

Watermelon Margarita (seasonal fruit muddle, house margarita), $14

Tequila and a shooter of sangrita...this was Tara's idea and a good one. But I'm not going to pretend to have honeymooned in Mexico and know the ways of the people. I followed her lead and it paid off.

Huaraches: Los Hongos (forest mushrooms, huitlacoche sauce, queso mixto, black truffle, corn shoot), $12
Los Moles: Poblano (Duck Breast), $10

Los Tacos: Carne Kobe (Flat iron steack, truffle potato, tomato/horseradish escabeche, yukon fries), $12

Ceviches: Atun (Big eye tuna, serrano-coconut sauce, lime sorbet, tomatillo, tostadita), $10

Ceviches: Veracruz (Red snapper, olive, caper, tomato), $11

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Jaime W(e) said...

Keep your eye open for my buddy Will - he's one of the two sous chefs in the Iron Chef episode!