Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This one's for the girls

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet my new boyfriend: Josh Hamilton. Oh delicious!

Last night was the same as most, the hubby was clicking back and forth between O'Reily Factor, Keith Olberman and baseball on ESPN. This nightly ritual is sheer torture for me and I demanded we watch The Two Coreys.

"Just let me watch Hamilton hit these home runs."

It was the All-Star Home Run Derby and Josh Hamilton was up, nailing each ball like it was nothing! The whole thing was too cute for words: his come back story (The Comeback Kid that kicked his crack addiction), the 71 yr old pitcher, the giddy teammates on the sidelines...that's great television!

The home run success was obviously a collaborative effort. Where did that old guy come from?

“In high school he pitched batting practice to me … He’s just been around the area where we lived in [North] Carolina. He goes to different high schools, whoever needs him to throw, he just goes and throws. Some guys never say thank-you and they take it for granted. So I told him, ‘If I ever make it and get there, I want you to come throw.’ He said all right. Then I called him and told him and he was like, ‘All right.’ I don’t think he quite believed it until somebody from [Major League Baseball] called him. We accomplished what we wanted to tonight. We wanted to come and do what we do at home. He throws and I hit. Luckily, it worked out well.”
This is the first, and probably the last, day I'm trolling baseball websites for quotes and footage. Here's the best of the best: a video of my bf smacking it out of the park 28 times. If you've seen it already, I suggest you watch it again. I found a video with Spanish speaking commentators and there really is no comparison; it's an all new level of joy. "PELOOOOOOOTA!" and "NONONONONONONONONO!" are the catchphrases of victory.

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williambojangles said...

WHAT?! Dude is a tatted up crackhead...