Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spending Makes My Ass Grow Thinner

Apparently it costs a great deal of money to look good these days. In the last few months, I have discovered sneakers, flip flops and jeans that make you look thinner.

These flip flops ($50) were designed by the original owner of Bliss Spas, Marcia Kilgore.

The website says they will "help tone and trim your thighs, your calves and your glutes while you walk in them, they’re biomechanically engineered to absorb shock and lessen joint strain."

Do they? I'm not sure. I recently bumped into my Pilates instructor's daughter and she said she found them to be comfortable but no news yet on the glute-tightening.

MBTs have also become incredibly popular in the last two years - I actually have two friends that own more than two pairs of these.

The company claims the shoes "are the first physiological footwear that has a positive effect on the whole body".

It's hard to walk in these at first - you have to be comfortable rocking back and forth as you move.

I actually want to buy these. The negatives? They are incredibly ugly - reminiscent of my elementary school days where my parents made me wear "special sneakers" and costly - about $190 a pair.

Lastly, another item I am tempted to buy are Hello! Skinny Jeans. No, they don't have a slim tapered leg, the jeans are designed to make you look skinny. How do they do it? Apparently everything from the fabric, fading and pocket design is created to make you look your best. This is pretty valuable to me, as every pair of jeans I own makes me feel like a sausage in a corset. Unfortunately there are not for sale yet in Philadelphia, but you can check out their website.
Here is a quick video on how Skinny Jeans work:

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