Monday, October 6, 2008

Labello Hits the US

I have few beauty loves as great in life as my love for Labello. It is the finest lip balm around. Thick and super moisturizing, it makes even the most chapped lips super soft.

The problem? It wasn't available in the US. I used to beg friends to grab handfuls of them when heading to Europe or Canada.

But there is good news Labello lovers! Labello has arrived in the United States through their sister company Nivea. The package looks the same but has a new label.

I found one last night at my local CVS. My buddy Jordyn found several flavors at Ulta.


Jordyn said...

yay, shoutout!!

MamzelleLabello said...

Hello !

i'm french, and i'm a labello addict !!
maybe we can swap some of them ? i accept them if they're empty !!!!
and i can send you new french labello !!!
i hope that you'll contact me !
my adress is :
thank you !!!!!