Tuesday, August 5, 2008

True Tales of Ebay

I took my orange postcard-sized parcel claim ticket to the post office yesterday. I was expecting them to hand me a neatly packaged book a friend had sent. NO.

The federal employee clumsily handed over this hand-stitched burlap sack filled with who knows what.

"That's for me? Jaime?"
"Yes. SIGN."

Ah! It's from Uzbekistan! It's the Suzani I won on Ebay. The one I stayed up until 2am to win (by $0.50) a MONTH AGO.

Since most Suzanis this size (9' x 11') go for about $400 on Ebay, I figured it would be vacuum sealed and shipped via FedEx. It's a luxury item, right? NO. It's a CULTURAL item and the culture doesn't stop at the textile; it extends right through to the shipping. What a steal!

The burlap bundle had been hand stitched and each hem secured with wax seals. Honestly, Martha Stewart couldn't match this sort of care and handiwork.

This closeup is blurry, but you can almost make out the letters on the seal. They spell...UZBEKISTAN!

Too cool.

See my Suzani unveiling after the jump.

Here it is, splayed out across a chair. Oh, isn't it lovely?!?!? What a fantastic, burlap-wrapped, treat!

I bought it to use as a loose fitting sort of slipcover for my sofa in the office. But I won't be committing this piece to any spot in my home until it is cleaned. As my friend Susan so aptly put, it smells like a wet Yak.

Hand embroidered, worn, and imperfect. Could it be any more...perfect?

Lesson: The best prezzies come in the smelliest packages.

Please send blue cheese.

And boys.

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ita darling. said...

i have serious suzani envy. how long have we daydreamed about having one? and yours is just gorgeous... i remember you telling me the story about megan mullaly buying and the subsequently returning the one from wisteria. but F that. yours rules. and has wax seals to boot.

i am so jealous.
i have to start stalking my very own suzani dream right now.