Thursday, July 17, 2008


The only record I've been REALLY excited about this year is Girl Talk's Feed The Animals. I'm lazy and the internet has killed my attention span. Girl Talk gives me my favorite songs in 2 second stints and makes them sound new enough to love them all over again.

Girl Talk has also inspired one Bunny Greenhouse (aka Chris Beckman, the YouTube mashup videographer not the whistleblower) to set the jams in motion.

He's completed three AMAZING GT videos this month (Still Here, Shut The Club Down, What It's All About). Hopefully we'll be seeing more from him soon.

Oh, and in Chris's words:

"Please don't sue me for copyright infringement. I'm just recycling culture."
Videos after the jump!

What It's All About

Still Here

Shut The Club Down


Satten said...

1) Where are the Brians? I want to hear what they have to say about music and comedy since they have no other outlet for them.

2) I love Girl Talk too! "Bounce That" is my favorite song. I had no idea about this album but I'm def gonna download the shit out of it tonight.

mcguilloteen said...

Girl Talk responds to the video makers...with tongue firmly planted in cheek!