Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is Mr. Winkle - and how is he still alive?

I'm a Mr. Winkle fanatic.

I've considered trips to LA just to meet him. I wrote him fan mail, as if I was actually speaking to a dog. Most of the fan mail posted on his site is from children.

I find him to be utterly amazing...

Wikipedia tells me Mr. Winkle is approximately 13 years old and was discovered by his owner many years ago (supposedly near a trash dump!). No one knows for sure what breeds he is a mix of, since he looks nothing like any other dog in the world.

So before you go to that big place in the sky little fella, I'd like to devote some webspace to your beauty:

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Anonymous said...

Mr Winkle for vice president!!
His story could help in the quest for sniffing out and closing down heartless puppy mills and hounding out shameful dog fighting cyndicates.