Friday, July 25, 2008

Go ahead, you know you want it

Santogold is in Philly tonight and OF COURSE I'm so there! I haven't been impressed with her live show yet but I'm not giving up. Hopefully her management stepped it up and got her a live band. Watching her and two backup "dancers" punch and kick to the beat of the CD really isn't a show.

But, hey, I'm in it to win it and really excited for tonight. I don't have Santi White's JAZZERCISE cum M.I.A. fashion aesthetic but I'll give it shot. For those hardcore fans looking to put together a last minute outfit, DONE. I'm linking you to some blogerific fashion finds inspired by Santi.

Every good outfit starts with a solid foundation: LEGGINGS. American Apparel $42

Top that with a vintage inspired, ironic tee. You're so cool you're not afraid to wear something horribly uncool and therefore skyrocketing you into the outer atmosphere of total coolness! Order form, $18

Hip doesn't come cheap. You'll have to pay the price and invest in this Mike & Chris leather jacket from, $876

And for your cute little tootsies, it would be a shame for them to look too dainty so best to don these multi-colored marshmallows from Urban Outfitters, $85

Finally, it's time to BLING IT! When it comes to these sparkly adornments, the message is truly GO BIG OR GO HOME. Door Knocker earrings from, $6.99

You came to rock the mic, and with this on your chain they won't forget it! Hip Hop Ice, $24.99

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